Calculate Savings

Square Foot Advantage Calculator

It’s easy to calculate the cost-in-use advantages of fertilizer programs that are Driven by Duration. There are only four things you need to provide:

  1. The total square feet you fertilize (or average lawn size and number of lawns treated)
  2. The N content (%) in a bag of fertilizer used
  3. The rate (lbs./N per 1,000 sq. ft.) in each fertilizer application you’re currently making
  4. The price you pay for each 50-lb. bag

(It’s a bonus if you also know your labor and overhead costs per 1,000 sq. ft.)

You’ll be able to compare it to a single application of Spread it & Forget it, and three applications of other fertilizers that are Driven by Duration.

Step 1: Start crunching the numbers right here

Input fields are the white boxes. Enter your numbers there. Output fields (final calculations) are in the dark green boxes.

For comparison purposes, standard default values are provided. However, you can change those and enter your own values so the results will be more precise to your specific operation.

If you have questions about what to enter, or how the defaults were determined, click on the button next to certain field titles.